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see the rest of the 5 foods are in the program. In the mean time, read the story below to discover...

Why 97% of Men Over 35 NEVER Lose Belly Fat...

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The Forgotten Secrets For Abs program Helping men over 35 lose belly fat using secrets from
the 'men of the golden era'


  • Become more sexually attractive
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  • Look and feel younger. Set a good example
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Inside The program you will discover....

  • How to combine foods using the ‘golden ratios’ to maximize fat burn. This was Larry’s number one secret for getting lean fast in a few weeks Pages 54 — 56

  • The 5 foods you must never eat to lose stomach fat. Page 12

  • Why doing crunches can lead to a bigger stomach. Here’s what you MUST do instead –Page 36

  • Why Atkins is not the answer. Dr. Atkins may have been a great doctor but he was an awful nutritionist. And truth be told, the man was fat! Here’s a better eating plan –-Page 58.

  • The secret to avoiding training injuries for men over 30. After 30, you have a higher chance of injuring your joints and tendons. Using this technique DRASTICALLY reduces your chances of injury. –-Page 24

  • Why ‘low carb’ diets do not work. Tried low carb diets? You likely felt weak and tired but did not lose stomach fat! Follow this tasty and healthy eating plan instead. –Pages 59 — 65

  • The one food you must eat more of to lose stomach fat. The health magazines say you should eliminate it, but doing so just makes you crave sugary snacks. Add it to your Breakfast each morning and see how full you stay! –Page 61

  • Highly effective exercises that can be done at home. Sometimes you just can’t make it to the gym. Doing these exercises at home helps you ‘stick with the program’. Skipping the gym altogether can make you give up your goal as a lost cause! –-Pages 27 — 32
    And that is just a tiny part…