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Forgotten Secrets For Abs program and Fit Foreva Club Exercises

Results may vary based on your initial physical condition and how closely you follow the Forgotten Secrets For Abs program. All testimonials are real. Please note that you assume certain risks by following the Forgotten Secrets For Abs program and engaging in weight training, resistance and cardio-vascular exercises. You should not follow the program if you suffer from any conditions that make these exercises dangerous.The nutritional and general advice in the program does not constitute medical advice. If you have any ailments or illnesses related to your current physical condition you should consult a doctor. If you are unsure if the program will work for you call us at: 1-888-890-8312

Forgotten Secrets For Abs Supplements

The supplements are NOT a ‘magic pill’  and CANNOT help you lose weight “with no diet or exercise”. They are designed to speed up your results when you follow the core Forgotten Secrets For Abs program.  Please see the brochure, video presentation and nutrition facts here.