Our mission is to help you lose belly fat, get flat abs and a lean muscular physique, using secrets from the men of the ‘golden era’ (1950′s, 60′s and 70′s).  These men had the best physiques in history. Contrary to what the popular fitness magazines would have you believe, there is nothing new or revolutionary about getting six pack abs!

We provide training programs, virtual personal trainer software and supplements to help you be healthier, look good and feel younger.


Don Demarco ( Founder/Product Manager)

Don is the founder of Fit Foreva (Wainsoft LLC), the company behind the Forgotten Secrets For For Abs brand.  He is a fitness enthusiast and Certified Personal Trainer who has trained in person with some of the ‘men of the golden’ era still living. In a past life he was a software engineer and product manager for Microsoft and various other software companies. He holds a degree in computer science and economics from Yale university.  Don currently resides in Seattle, Washington

Yan Liu (Developer)

Yan Lee is a developer. He is responsible for much of the site’s development and lives in sunny Florida. He has done design and development work for dozens of Fortune 500 companies (or their subsidiaries) and received acclaim for his work.

“Forgotten Secrets For Abs” and “Fit Fovera”  are  trademarks used and owned by WainSoft LLC.